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Send your traffic to

Promote Cherry.TV through our Affiliate Program: introduces to the market a completely fresh and innovative approach to retention and monetization of adult live streams. By bringing gamification and social mechanisms into play, we aim to achieve the best conversion and highest spending in the industry, which significantly benefits our models and partners!  Earn 25% of what your referred users spend – for life! It’s as simple as that. No gotchas, ifs, and, or buts – you send us the sales, we send you the money!

CherryCash is the affiliate program behind integrates several gamification mechanisms into our live streams, such as level and achievements systems, leaderboards, competitions, and more. All of this translates into users retaining longer and spending more money on the platform, which means more earnings for you! Given that we are the newest platform on the scene, joining our program now means our affiliates will reap the rewards of being early and loyal adopters!

As one of our Partners you will be richly rewarded for the traffic you send to through your marketing activities. The more users or Models you refer the more money you can make, it really is that simple.

  • Step 1: Place a tracking link to your website, these can be text links or banner ads, whatever you choose.
  • Step 2: These links will need to contain your unique affiliate identification number so that we can track the traffic that comes from your website.
  • Step 3: If the visitor you direct to then opens an account you will start earning commission based on the revenue that the user or Model generates.

We also offer our Partners unique reviews, funnels, landing pages, and much more and we constantly update our Creative Library with fresh, relevant creative to help you promote