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We all have heard of LiveJasmin, and we all know those famous red colors. LiveJasmin is here for many years already, having served billions of views to the live cam rooms every year, Livejasmin is growing more and more, and every new model will be bathing in traffic and money! Working on Livejasmin is an adventure that starts with the signup. While filling out your profile and adding content, you will already have a sort of idea of what you can offer to our visitors online.

What Kind of Traffic do we have?

From all over the world, and if you do not like this, you can ban any country you wish to avoid. Our visitors come from countries where they can use a credit card and can buy things online. We have made our site compatible for all devices, so you can have people in your room who are shopping for a new pair of socks, or one of your fans is at the check-in and flying to Hawai and celebrating this trip with you! Yes, we are an adult site, and no, not all of our members are searching for nude experiences. They prefer a comfortable talk, watching a movie together with you, or playing a game! Our visitors are searching for distraction and you can offer them this. Nude is not obligated on our website!

Can anyone work for LiveJasmin?

Almost everyone can register as a webcam model. You need to be at least 18/21 years old depending on which country you live in. Except for that, anyone can register. Women, men, couples, and transgenders. No matter how you look or how old you are. our webcam visitors look for all types of women, men, and couples. Some prefer tender build women while others prefer BBW. Some like young women, others love mature women. We have visitors who are interested in all kinds of men and women. Because of this, every type of person can become a webcam model or camgirl. Couples are also very loved by our visitors.

How much are my earnings?

What can I earn as a cam performer? At least a lot. Living off an average salary is very difficult. Just think about all the monthly expenses. Food, housing, internet, assurance, clothes, phone bills, etc. It’s very difficult to pay all of your monthly expenses with only 1 salary. Even couples who both have an average income have trouble making ends meet every month. The average salary in a “normal day job isn’t very high. Not many people can say they make $5,000/month in their normal day job. However, as a cam performer, this is not an exception. The first 4 hours you work for Livejasmin in a private show, the rate is fixed at $ 0.99 per minute. This ensures that you get a lot of visitors quickly and gain experience. After these 4 hours, you can determine your rate yourself in your account. You can then choose between the following rates: $ 0.98, $ 1.99, $ 2.49, $ 3.49, $ 3.99, $ 4.49, $ 4.99, $ 5.49, and $ 5.99. This rate is charged to every visitor who visits your private show. If you have several visitors at the same time, you multiply this amount times the number of visitors.

What I need to start 

To go online on Livejasmin, all you need is a good quality web camera, a computer, and an internet connection. However, for the perfect streaming quality, the right equipment is needed. The better grade camera, stronger computer, and faster connection you have, the higher quality your stream will be.

When you are looking for a high-paying job, then you really should consider working as a cam performer on LiveJasmin. It’s one of the only jobs that pay you so much per hour. It’s also an exciting job and it can change your life in many positive ways.

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One last thing!

Account verification can be done in a matter of minutes up to a few hours. We are also compatible with OBS and you can work with, for example, CherryTV at the same time. We have the same audience and sorts of traffic. So why not, go with CherryTV too and double the earnings!